McNamee Guitars

About the Guitars

John McNamee handcrafts acoustic guitars using both traditional and modern methods of construction.

He offers a range of guitars from the classical to the steel-string model varieties. Parlor, OM, Dreadnaught, Jumbo, as well as acoustic Baritones and Basses. He chooses a variety of seasoned woods, imported exotics as well as domestics to craft unique instruments of the highest quality, tone and playability. He provides custom made instruments specifically tailored to the clients exacting needs and desires which include inlay design. He also provides repair, set-up and restorative services.
Instruments are built in a climate controlled environment ensuring stability and longevity.

About John McNamee (Luthier)

John's passion for woodworking began as a boy building birdhouses, spice racks and many other creative items.

Later his love of music and playing guitar inspired him build a guitar, employing his knowledge of woodworking. After the construction of 5 guitars, John enrolled at Douglas college in 1985. He completed the yearlong stringed instrument construction course under the instruction of Michael Dunn. John has a long association with John Larrivee, founder of Larrivee guitars, gaining additional knowledge and skill from the marquee builder John resides in Abbotsford British Columbia enjoying continued passion of Luthiery and Music.


"I had John build me a 12 string. It is by far the easiest 12 string guitar I have ever played. At gigs where other instruments are amped I can almost go unplugged because of its amazing volume and projection I am very happy with my guitar and would recommend John's guitars to anyone." ~ Neil Hahn

"Now that it has settled in and is set up for my playing style, I must say that it is a truly inspiring instrument It's what I go for first thing in the morning, it's tone is just amazing, deep, rich, clear, sustained This bass is so are definitely a master luthier." ~ Brian Arkell